Welcome to the Verenia web site. Or maybe better... welcome to what's left.

Verenia is a failed adventure game project I worked on a long time ago. The reason why it failed can be read below, in the section "Goodbye Verenia." I do not plan to resurrect Verenia soon, but I'd gladly work on other adventure game projects when I have time.


At EuroMysterium 2005 I gave a presentation related to the experience I got while working on Verenia. This presentation is available on the Presentation page. Thanks to everyone for being so interested in my presentation!

Goodbye Verenia.

Verenia has been cancelled. It has been idle for way too long. I just can't see a reason to keep it up and running.

I've been having a lot of work in the past months. I am working on some other projects, including Alurio, a brand new chat system which seems to be much more successful than Verenia ever used to be.

Verenia started with a simple sketch that turned out to be very interesting. It was just a dream, a world that existed only in my mind... until someone told me this world was too awesome to keep it hidden in my mind. So that's when I started pouring my ideas into a game.

It started out well. It didn't take long before we had a couple of 3D modellers, and the renders they made were awesome. We added a storyline, we found musicians. It all seemed way cool and I couldn't believe I did all that.

But what goes up must come down. The endless discussions we had were shortened to 30 minutes. Some team members didn't show up anymore. More and more holes in the storyline started appearing. Some things didn't look good when rendered. The list goes on.

A few months ago I decided to put it "on hold". The project wouldnt' be worked on for months, or even years, until I found enough time and willingness to start working on it again. So far, quite some time has passed and nothing has happened.

Verenia is no longer. It is stopped. It may be coming back at some time, but that's in no way certain. What is certain is that Verenia still lives in my mind, where it used to be.

Maybe I should just keep it there.

See you, Verenia.

Denis Defreyne
Verenia project leader